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What to Expect During a Kambo Session

While it is impossible to know exactly what to expect from your Kambo session, the basic structure of how the day will flow is more or less the same every time.


Everyone's personal experience will be different and even if you have already experienced Kambo, it's best not to have any expectations. It is normal to have a lot of questions or even feel a little anxious before your treatment.  


You will want to give yourself a 2 hour window for our entire time together. Though the actual time with Kambo usually lasts around 40 minutes, we will need extra time for consultation, setting up the space, resting afterwards, integration, etc. In general, it's a good idea not to have any major plans after your treatment so you can be flexible with time.

Setting Intentions

Working with clear intentions will be a very important part of your healing process.


Some questions that can help to guide you toward your intention:

What do I need to heal?

What is holding me back from progressing in my life?

How do I want to be feeling more often?

What am I asking to receive?


These are a few examples of good questions to ask yourself while setting your intention. This intention will be your focus point for the rest of the ceremony. You might keep this focus by speaking your intention to yourself, or by holding an image of your desired outcome in your mind, or maybe your intention is emotion based and it comes to you as a feeling. Whatever the case may be, your intention is a prayer for yourself, so however you choose to keep it in focus is entirely up to you.

Burning the Gates and Applying the Kambo

When you have finished drinking some water, we can start burning the points, or "gates." This is done with a stick of incense or a small piece of vine that is burned and then gently touched to the top layer of skin for a fraction of a second. This top layer of skin is then removed, exposing the lymphatic fluid which will carry the Kambo through the entire body.  


At this time, the Kambo is applied to the freshly opened gates. Depending on the location, type of treatment and number of points, you will have anywhere between 30 seconds and a couple of minutes before you start to feel the effects. The first thing you will feel is a warm flushing sensation, an increase of heart rate, and you may start to feel some tingling in your extremities. After the initial flush, the blood pressure will begin to fall and you will start to feel nauseous. This is the point where purging usually begins. Purging is most commonly achieved through vomiting, though other common reactions can be shaking, emotional release, needing to go to the bathroom, or various combinations of these. Whatever it may be, you are releasing something that needs to go and the Kambo is doing its job perfectly.

Rest, Closing the Ceremony & Integration

After your process you will be feeling tired and ready to lie down. You may still have some lingering sensations, but they will pass in a short time. It is not entirely uncommon to have a headache for some time or feel a little run down before you start to feel better. Some people feel great immediately after and are ready to seize the day. Everyone is different.


Once you've had enough time to rest, we will close the ceremony the same way we began - with a short meditation to give thanks for the Kambo frog, the tribes who serve as its protector, and the experience to partake in this healing journey together.


Is it a good idea to take the rest of the day to integrate your experience. Avoid putting yourself in intense or stressful situations. If you can be in nature, that is best, but at the very least try to avoid excessive exposure to technology or other unnecessary distractions.

Post Treatement Care

  • Hydrate! Drink 8-10+ glasses of water a day.

  • Do not drink alcohol.

  • Be conscious with your consumption of certain foods, energies, media, people etc.

  • Eat organic non-processed whole foods when possible.

  • Be intentional and disciplined with your technology use.

  • Develop patience with yourself and the journey.

  • Give yourself some space to process your Kambo work.

  • Get good rest and be grateful for your many blessings.

The gates will heal and fade with time but depending on your skin color and type you may always have small visible scars.


For more in-depth Integration support, please contact us.

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