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what is kambo

Ajna, which means “perceive,” “command” or "beyond wisdom" in Sanskrit, is the name for the chakra located between the eyebrows and about a half inch above them. It is the chakra of intuition, insight, self-realization, inspiration and imagination. This is our "third eye" or "mind's eye".  The energy of the ajna chakra allows us to not only see truth, but to understand the inner and outer worlds. I believe that Kambo can help us to awaken this chakra and transcend our limiting thoughts and beliefs by clearing energetic and emotional blockages that hold us back, and by reminding us of our intuition.


Kambo helps people to purify and find their true path. It helps them to remove their distortions or those things which block them from their higher consciousness. It helps people to awaken and to blossom into a higher expression of themselves. Simply put, Kambo acts as a catalyst in the development of the human spirit.  It is most certainly a powerful transformational tool. 



Kambo is a highly intelligent secretion of the Phyllomedusa Bicolor frog. It is a mind-body-spirit medicine that takes you on a transformational journey through healing, de-conditioning, and freedom. You purge on physical and energetic levels to release blockages, harmonize your bodily systems, and raise your vibration. With purgative, immune boosting benefits, it often referred to as the Vaccine of the Forest. Indigenous tribes in the Amazon have used this medicine throughout history for strength in hunting and for healing. Traditionally, the medicine has been used to clear dark energy known as Panema, which the indigenous believed was the source of all physical and spiritual dis-ease.


  • Bioactive peptides with benefits for anxiety and depressive disorders

  • Quiets the thoughts and connects you to an energetic state of peace and interrelation

  • Teaches individual strength and power to transcend suffering


  • Purges deeply-rooted toxins, infections, and pharmaceutical toxins

  • Passes through the Blood-Brain Barrier

  • Detoxifies and harmonizes the digestive, endocrine, nervous, reproductive, and lymphatic systems


  • Harmonizes its own intelligence with your spirit

  • Releases trauma and low vibrational energies

  • Raises your vibration and guides you through your transformation


  • What Happens during a Kambo session?
    During the process, the secretion is mixed with water and formed into small dots, or “points.” A small, superficial burn is made on the top layer of skin to allow the Kambo to travel into the lymphatic system. Each experience is different, though it usually begins with a pleasant heat as the medicine scans the body and travels to specific areas, disseminating into the tissues. As the bio-peptides activate in the body, heart rate increases and the face may also swell, differing based on the receiver's level of toxicity. Next, the effect varies greatly – the cleanse can take on the form of purging, diarrhea, crying, sweating, yawning, or a feeling of electricity as the mind, body, and spirit release both physical and energetic blockages. Afterwards, you may feel lighter, freer, and more in-tune with the higher self. Days to weeks later, people usually feel incredibly relaxed with clarity, pain reduction, and ease in life. Throughout the process, tools such as sound therapy and energy work are utilized to guide and protect you.
  • How many treatments do I need?
    This completely depends on your condition, goals, and individual needs. Contact us for more information.
  • What are the contraindications?
    Brain injuries (please contact us to confirm) Pregnancy Organ transplant Some heart conditions (please contact us to confirm) Addison’s Disease Strokes High Blood pressure treated with medication Sleep aids Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome Fasting less than 3 days prior Some mental health conditions Please disclose all health complications to your practitioner before using Kambo.
  • Are there any side effects?
    The short answer is no. The experience after receiving Kambo is completely dependent upon the individual. Most report feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and lighter. One thing to consider is what is known as the Herxheimer reaction. This simply means that sometimes one will feel worse before feeling better as things move through the system. Unless there is an existing chronic condition, it is unlikely that this effect can be foreseen, and the effect is not guaranteed. Often, there is a burst of energy and drive. However, it is recommended to allow time after a session with no scheduled obligations or commitments (physical or mental), at least for the rest of the day, to allow time for integration and rest. The experience is not necessarily taxing, though it does require some physical stamina. Kambo is completely safe when used properly under the care of a trained practitioner. The only potential harm is when there is undisclosed information about substances taken prior to the session, as there are a few contraindications. Please always inform your practitioner of all medication, supplements and any other substances taken in the six months months prior. Also know that mental illnesses are important to discuss with the practitioner prior to the session.
  • Is Kambo ethical?
    We choose to work with the Matses tribe because of their ethical practices. It is against the spiritual belief system of the Matses to harm the frogs in any way. These frogs live high in the trees of the Amazon Rainforest. To collect the secretion, a song is sung to call the frogs down from the trees. They do not need to be caught with force, as they arrive willingly. They do not have predators, which may be the reason they do not struggle when captured. Often a shaman will massage the toes of the frog to stimulate the secretion. With a gentle touch and care, their limbs are tied lightly with string to collect the secretion. An analogy for this is a hair band on the wrist that leaves a light, temporary indentation on the skin. The frog’s limbs retain this indentation from the string for some time after, which indicates whether it is appropriate to collect more secretion. If there are still indentations, the frog will not be used to gather more, as it will need more time to produce enough secretion to share while still being able to protect itself. Approximately the first 20% of the secretion is collected to ensure the frog maintains its defense mechanism. The secretion is removed and placed directly onto wood sticks, where it dries into a layer that looks much like a lacquer. The Matses collect the secretion with no harm to the frogs.
  • Can I receive Kambo if I’m taking medications?
    Some medications may be contraindicated. Please disclose all supplements and medications before receiving Kambo, as well as any major surgeries.


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